You may have noticed that things are changing in East Gainesville! We’re excited about the Public Works and Community Reinvestment Area projects that are making East Gainesville a place to be. And while we realize that with construction comes certain inconveniences, the results are going to transform the area while respecting its history and environment.

Trans4ming East GNV refers to the investment in public infrastructure improvements in the East Gainesville area. At the moment there are 4 projects that will directly benefit how we live, work, and play – here in our own community!

Trans4ming East GNV means that you will enjoy a modern infrastructure that promotes city transit, vehicular, and bicycle safety, improved stormwater management, and aesthetic improvements that highlight the character inherent in East Gainesville. We are committed to the Complete Streets and Vision Zero concepts which means safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. All 4 projects have been designed to be smart lighting ready which will improve road safety and save energy.

Trans4ming East GNV is your place to check in on these individual projects and their progress, to find out about lane closures, detours, or other temporary changes in traffic patterns, sidewalks, bus stops, or bike lanes. Just click on the icons on the map below for more about the improvements and benefits of each of the projects, and their role in transforming East Gainesville!