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Project Description: Destination South Main is community-based corridor improvement plan for South Main Street between Depot Avenue and South 16th Avenue. The goal of the project is to make South Main a place to go, not just through. With the recent opening of Depot Park, the Cade Museum, and multiple other area attractions, improvements to the South Main Street corridor are being implemented to ensure safe & accessible pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular accommodations; convenient and inviting public parking amenities; and address the visual character of the corridor, while also supporting vehicular access, flow of traffic, and existing and future businesses.

Construction Cost: $8.5M

Construction Schedule: Project started on December 1, 2017 and is anticipated to be completed in April 2019.

Benefits will include:

  • Increases the number of pedestrian crosswalks from 1 (existing) to 5 (proposed)
  • Decreases pedestrian crossing distances across South Main from 84’ (existing) to an average of 19’ (proposed)
  • Enhances bicycle facilities along South Main Street to improve safety, access, and options
  • Increases sidewalk widths from 5’ (existing) to between 8’-12’
  • Improves Hawthorne Rail-Trail Crossing @ South Main Street
  • Reduces the number of safety conflicts for pedestrians & bicyclists by 25%
  • Reduction of current average vehicular speeds from ≈50mph with a proposed speed of 30mph
  • Increases on-street public parking from ≈83 (existing) to ≈100
  • Increases greenspace along the corridor by 1.25 acres, thus improving stormwater management & beautification
  • Increases the number of street trees from 0 (existing) to ≈200
  • Undergrounds existing overhead utilities along entire corridor
  • Integrates with adjacent land-uses and supports the existing operational needs of area businesses while balancing multiple users groups
  • Attract new customers to the area by Placemaking initiatives that positions the area with a unique brand + identity to celebrate its past, present, and future
  • Smart lighting ready

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Before and After

NORTHERN SECTION From Depot Avenue to the Hawthorne Trail Crossing

SOUTHERN SECTION: From the Hawthorn Trail Crossing to South 16th Avenue